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Roof Coatings

To Seal and Reflect:

A myriad of roof coatings are available to either seal your roof or make it reflect more of the sun's energy away from your building. Some roof coatings do both, and work well for some older roof systems allowing you to renew them in a way that will last for years. Roof coatings will often be much less expensive that tearing off a roof and replacing it, and it can reduce ongoing repair costs that constantly add up at the most unexpected times.

Roof Coating Seal:

Various types of roof coatings are designed to seal your roof and these work well on different types of systems. This can be a great solution for budget conscious building owners who need time to prepare for the expense of replacing the roof. Fluid applied coatings are self-leveling and can often work their way into cracks and crevices to provide a seal on older membranes that are leaking. A professional can assess whether moisture is trapped between the layers and devise a solution to remedy this situation as needed.

Roof Coating for Reflectivity:

Dark roofs absorb and trap heat that leads to increased cooling costs in any building. A properly installed reflective roof coating will bounce the sun's heat back away from the building to help your AC units keep up with the demand. We can help you choose the correct reflective coating for your roof, and this will depend on a number of factors.

Reduce Thermal Shock:

A dark roof that absorbs the sun's heat during the day expands, then contracts overnight as it cools. This results in a shorter life expectancy due to the thermal shock of daily expansion and contraction. A reflective coating helps reduce this thermal shock and will result in a longer roof life cycle.



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